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AUBCAT - Library Catalog: AUB Theses

A guide on how to use the Online Library Catalog to find books, theses, course reserves and other library materials, and on how to create an account allowing you to put items on hold, renew items online, and save searches.

Locating AUB Theses/Disserations

Theses/Projects written by AUB students can be located using the AUBCAT Library Catalog.

There are three ways to search

  1. If you have a specific topic in your mind, perform a search and restrict to items of Material Type: Thesis and Projects and Dissertations.

  2. If you want to check all theses/projects for a specific department (e.g. Department of Biology), perform an "Advanced Search" search by writing the name of the department and and restrict to items of Material Type: Thesis and Projects and dissertations.

  3. If you know the title of the thesis/project/dissertation perform a title search and type the title of the desired thesis/dissertation/Project.

Subject Guide

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