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SML Research Guide: Home

A comprehensive guide for any one interested in doing a literature search in the medical/health sciences fields

SML Research Guide

SML Research Guide aims to help users locate reliable, up-to-date medical/health information, using SML resources and the Internet. It is meant to compliment - and not to replace -  the live-sessions that SML Medical Information Specialist holds and that can be tailored to the specific needs of the attendees.

Why This Guide?

Quality health information when needed saves patient's lives, professional's time and health-care costs...Health-care professionals today are not expected to know everything even in their specialty, but they are expected to be able to find reliable up-to-date information as and when their patient needs it. 

As Dr. Sydney Burwell, Dean at Harvard Medical School said in 1956:

                    "Half of what you are taught as medical students will in 10 years have been shown to be wrong. 

                     And the trouble is none of your teachers knows which half" 

Where To Search

Live Orientation Sessions

SML Medical Librarians provide live classes to provide users on how to develop effective life-long information retrieval skills:

  •  Course-related instruction: A faculty member may request a course-related instruction to his/her students.
  •  One-day workshop/seminar: upon request, a comprehensive one-day workshop/seminar may be given.
  • IDTH 301 a 2-credit course given to graduates of the Medical School every Fall.
  • SHARP 325 a course given every Summer as part of SHARP Program.