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E-Historical Collection: Books

This Guide houses Saab Medical Library (SML) e-Historical Values Collection. This Collection is growing year by year...

Abdul-Massih Massuh

عبد المسيح مسّوح

Abdul-Massih Massuh

  • From Hama, Syria

  • Graduated from the American Mission's Tripoli Boys' School in 1918

  • Completed preparatory studies at the Syrian Protestant College 1920

  • Graduated from the School of Dentistry at the American University of Beirut 1925

  • Received permit to practice dentistry in Syria and Lebanon from the French High Commission in November 1925

  • His permit to practice dentistry was renewed by the Lebanese Department of Health of the Republic of Lebanon in 1944


These documents are the historical record of the accreditations of Abdul-Massih Massuh, a dentist from Hama in what is now Syria. Dr. Massuh studied and practiced during the transition from Ottoman Empire to French Mandate and finally to independent Lebanon.

Ahmed Al-Rashidi


كتاب عمدة المحتاج

 في علمي الادوية والعلاج ويعرف بالمادة الطبية للسيد احمد افندي الرثيدي

الجزء الاول

الجزء الرابع 


Users Guide to Sciences of Medications and Treatment, know as the

 "Materia Medica"

Al Sayid Ahmed Affendi Al Rashidi

Vol. I

Vol. IV